Monday, 23 September 2013

Conduct the world with Myo

This is a very exciting piece of technology from the people at ThalmicLabs.  They have taken the problem of gestural inout and turned it on its head. Most systems, the Xbox, kinect, the Leap Motion controller all work by using cameras to sense motions being made by a hand/body within a 3d space. 

This has drawbacks, you have to be within range of the cameras and facing them, and the solutions are only as good as their ability to do image recognition. This new approach is to give the user an armband which they wear.

The armband has sensors which monitor your muscle movements and the movements of the arm as a whole. This way you can teach the device unique gestures for any given situation and the device will respond to those gestures.  It is almost like you conduct the world around you.
Surely this is very applicable to sign language, useful for people with limited movement but who need to control devices etc.
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