Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Online sales top 1 Trillion dollars and UK shoppers spend the most

What interests me about this is not the headline figure but that China is racing forward - not surprising as their infrastructure improves, expanding middle class and massive population. What is startling is that the UK spends the most per head on-line. More than that we are predicted to continue leading.

Why is this? Our economy is certainly not the strongest. UK population's  access to the internet is 83% which is behind the scandinavian countries and equal to Germany. 

Nielsen found that 26% of global online users plan to purchase groceries or food stuffs online. But when they looked at the UK the figure was 75%. While in the states only 54% occasionally buy groceries online. 

My hypothesis is that it is our love of online grocery shopping that is putting us at the top of the list. We need to buy food on a  regular basis. We have a limited number of large national supermarkets, each competing on price and service. They have well developed fulfilment mechanisms. We have been doing online food shopping for many years now and it is a well entrenched habit for many people. 

In terms of non grocery shopping in the  UK, despite our groans and moans we have a well developed and trust worthy postal service. Both the Royal mail and the various commercial delivery services are reliable and the small size of the country, well developed infrastructure makes next day delivery easily achievable.

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